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Code of Ethics

Austin-Allen, its Members, Associates and Affiliates shall at all times, as required by the World Association of Professional Investigators:

•  Conduct all investigations and allied matters with integrity and within acceptable legal, professional and moral guidelines.
•  Require a client's undertaking that all information provided by members is for lawful use only.
•  Require that all employees and others assisting in an investigation abide by the WAPI Code of Ethics.
•  Assist all regulatory and legal authorities when required to do so by law.
•  Practice only in matters for which they are qualified and/or competent.
•  Refer all matters of conflict between members to the Association's governing body for arbitration, whose decision will be accepted as binding.
•  Not misrepresent or exaggerate the activities and services offered by the profession.
•  At all times protect the good reputation of the members, their clients, the Association and the Profession in general.
•  Deal professionally in all matters with discretion, courtesy and confidentiality within ethical constraints.
•  Not deny any professional services to any client for any reasons of race, colour, religion, sex, handicap, sexual preference or national origin.
•  Comply with the regulatory and legal requirements within their operational jurisdiction.

Austin-Allen shall at all times conduct all Business Matters with integrity and make payment of all properly presented Supplier Bills promptly within agreed or stipulated payment terms, excepting any genuine complaint which should be resolved as quickly as reasonably possible, utilising if necessary the World Association of Professional Members Arbitration facilities.

All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence.


Austin-Allen are registered under the Data Protection Act - Reg No: Z7264138. We operate under a strict Code of Conduct sponsored by the World Association of Professional Investigators.

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